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Scaffold Wrap

Ainscaff scaffold wrap is a strong and durable plastic cladding that matches every protection or containment need: from shielding the workforce and tools from poor weather to protecting the environment against the dust and debris generated on site.

Ainscaff Scaffold Wrap 81eedd80-6536-44ec-8658-311580d3baea_LARGEis heat shrunk to create a ‘drumtight’ and tear resistant covering over roofs and facades of any size or shaped scaffold structure. The sheets of scaffold shrink wrap are heat welded together to create a continuous, bonded skin without the holes or gaps typical of traditional sheeting.
Ainscaff scaffold wrap is manufactured to contain UV
inhibitors and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to prevent it becoming brittle when used long-term. Plus it contains anti-static and flame retardant additives to make it safe and easy to use around the work environment.

‘Drum-tight’ fit – no risk of it flying loose or
self-destructing in high winds.

Long-lasting –
additives ensure it co
pes well with all seasons and temperatures.

Hard-wearing –
reduces the need (and extra costs) for repairs.

Versatile – any size
or shaped structure can be covered.

Elastic &
puncture resistant – easy to fit and work with.

Anti-static – for
electrical safety and ease of use.

Flame retardant –
tested to BS:EN13501 Class B standards.

‘Use once and
recycle’ – makes it quick and cost-effective to remove.

Smart appearance –
gives a professional looking covering to the scaffolding site.
We can install the scaffold wrap using our own expert specialists or we can provide the materials and training to anyone wishing to do it themselves. However you do it, once you’ve used Ainscaff scaffolding wrap, you’ll never want to go back to traditional cladding materials.


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